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Resume Writing

Everyone needs a compelling resume that helps them stand out amid hundreds and sometimes thousands of applicants. This is the first step towards job success and it is an undeniable fact.

For us at Resumecharmefreelance, it’s more than just writing a resume, it is empowering you for your next career level. We do not just jump at crafting resumes, our resume writing process involves thorough consultations, where we take the time to understand your background, experiences and aspirations.

We delve into details, extracting key achievements and translating them into impactful resume content. We walk with you closely with you to highlight your strengths, emphasize your accomplishments, and effectively communicate your value proposition to potential employers.

Who are our services for?

We serve professionals in different career level in all industries

  • Early Career Professionals including New Graduates
  • Mid-Career Professionals targeting Manager or other roles.

  • Established professionals targeting Senior Staff or Senior Manager roles.

  • Leadership candidates targeting Director level & above.

Whatever your next career goal is, let us be your trusted partner in your career journey, and together we create a resume that opens door and propels you to success.

Contact us today to discover how our expert resume writing services can transform your career trajectory.

Cover Letter Writing

Your cover letter is usually your first contact with the recruiter and as we all know, first impression matters a lot. Undoubtedly, this is an essential part of your job application.

It is the opportunity you have to introduce yourself to a potential employer and highlights your qualifications and interest in a specific position. Whether the recruiter will have a great impression of you or not begins with your cover letter.

We use our expertise to present our clients in a way that earns them a good impression. We create a compelling, personalized and attention-grabbing cover letter.

We understand that each job application is unique, so we take a collaborative approach with our client to ensure their career objective and key points are properly highlighted in the cover letter. We will help you craft a unique cover letter that expresses your enthusiasm for the job.

Contact us today for our cover letter writing service and take the leap towards landing your dream job.

LinkedIn Optimization

Every day, thousands of hiring managers post job ads on LinkedIn. It is not a hidden fact that LinkedIn has become a force to reckon with in the professional world with millions of users.

Unfortunately, only a tiny fragment of this population is maximizing the potential of this platform, either they are completely ignorant or they are confused about how to go about getting the best out of LinkedIn. Don’t belong to that group of people! Our LinkedIn optimization service is here for you.

We help our clients optimize their profiles in a way that positions them as an authority in their niche. We can also help you in setting up your account if you don’t have one. The world is watching and you have to ensure that everyone gets to see your accomplishments and strengths. This becomes an advantage when you apply for jobs and the recruiter looks through your profile.

The opportunities that comes with a well optimized LinkedIn profile is limitless. Aside from giving you a competitive advantage when applying for jobs, sometimes you even have recruiters reach out to you for job opportunities.  Make use of our LinkedIn optimization service today and convert your LinkedIn profile to a Launchpad that takes you to your next career destination.

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